Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Bee Hive Removal Company

Bees play a huge role in maintaining our eco-system. These busy insects usually spend most of their lives jumping from one flower to the next, pollinating them as they go; thus facilitating their reproduction.

However, as important as they are, bees can be a nuisance as well as dangerous when they nest in close proximity to homes and other real estate properties. Bees can hurt both people and pets when they sting them. To make things worse, bee stings can trigger life threatening allergic reactions in some individuals.

Professional bee hive removal experts can help you make your home or property safer for everyone involved, including you and your family, as well as pets.

Read on to find out some of the main benefits of opting for professional bee removal services.

Expert Knowledge And Skills

Seasoned bee removal experts have the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully get rid of any infestations you might be facing. Removing a bee hive is a challenging task that requires the use of specialized equipment and knowledge. To successfully complete the task at hand one needs to understand how bees behave during different times of the day as well as how to use the safety gear as well as the specialized pesticides where necessary.

Seasoned experts are well versed with any bee hive removal guidelines pertaining to your area, but also have detailed knowledge and skills on how to deal with these dangerous insects.


As previously mentioned, bees can be quite dangerous, especially when their hive is disturbed. Bee removal experts employ various safety measures throughout the bee removal exercise meant to ensure their safety, as well as that of anyone else in the vicinity, including people and pets.

To protect themselves against painful, and potentially deadly, bee stings professionals employ the use of protective gear.


While it is possible for you to remove a bee hive from your property by yourself, this task will actually take up a chunk of your free time and require a huge amount of energy to get done. Alternatively, you can leave this difficult task to an expert and avoid the associated hassle of doing it yourself by simply calling in a professional service provider.

From the above, it is clear to see that bee hive removal is a delicate and risky job that requires the trained and experienced hands of a professional, to avoid disaster and ensure success.

How I Found The Best Bee Removal Near Me

How I Found The Best Bee Removal Near Me

There are a number of companies that provide bee removal near me but they are not all of the same quality. This is true with any company that you look to for a service, but I really wanted to be sure that I was going to get the very best considering how serious the situation was. Here I will explain how I found the best company so that you can have the same great experience that I did.

The first step is to find companies that offer this service in your area. It is not an extremely common service so you will likely have to weed through search results. They will often include companies that specialize in pest control, which is a completely different type of service. You likely are looking for a company that is going to humanely remove the bees from your property and give them the opportunity to make a home for themselves elsewhere. Pest control companies will simply kill the hive, which then causes serious harm to the environment and already dwindling bee population around the world.

Once you find a few companies that service your area you will want to compare them. There are always fly by night companies that really do not have experience in the type of work they say they will provide. This type of work can be very dangerous is done incorrectly. This is not only true when it comes to their safety, but yours as well. I looked for a quality bee removal near me that had verified experience dealing with a wide variety of situations. This can include the removal of bees that have taken up house inside walls, garages, sheds and outside the home. Every situation is different and you want to be sure that they can handle the one that you are dealing with in a safe an effective manner.

Finally you are ready to have the one that you find to be the best to come to your home. They should be willing to examine the exact state of the bees. This enables them to give you an honest quote up front before you use their services. Typically this is a work of service to not only you, but the bees as well. The very best in the field will charge you a fair price and be proud to perform the work that they do for you.

What To Expect On Calling Experts At Bee Removal In Miami

They say, ‘As sweet as honey’, but if bees swarm your property uninvited, they can be pesky and pose a lot of danger to you, your kids, pets or tenants if you own a commercial property. If you have a huge swarm on your property that you believe is dangerous, it is best to call in professionals who have a wealth of experience at bee removal in Miami.

Top Reasons To Call In Bee Removal Experts Instead Of Attempting DIY Removal Methods

• Professionals have the right protective gear to get rid of the swarm without getting injured.
• Swarms can be from different species of bees. Different types of swarms require different removal techniques. Experts will easily be able to identify the type of swarm you have on your property and the best removal method.
• DIY bee removal techniques may not work effectively in most cases and if the wrong repellants or reagents are used in the removal process, you can end up aggravating the swarm.
• Bees play a very important part in creating a sustainable ecology. Experienced removal experts can remove the swarm in your property without harming the bees and transfer them safely to a new home.

On engaging a specialist who is licensed to offer bee removal in Miami, they will:

1. First carry out a survey of your entire property to determine where the swarm is located and the type of bees in the swarm.

2. Carry out an inspection to determine if there are potential entry points the bees can use to enter your property.

3. Determine the best removal and relocation method as well as the best tools for the job.

4. Provide you with a quote on the estimated cost of removing the swarm from your property.

It is important to note that the cost of removing a swarm of bees often varies. The cost usually depends on several factors such as:

• The size of the swarm
• The species of bees in the swarm
• The equipment that will be used in the process of bee removal
• The severity and extent of the infestation within your property

The moment that you have an infestation, it is best that you call in highly rated, licensed and accredited local bee removal professionals without delay. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the swarm will get bigger and the higher the risk of bee stings to you and those you care about. Remember that apart from being painful, bee stings can kill! Stay on the safe side by calling in experts at bee removal in Miami.

How to Remove Ants Naturally and Effectively

How to Remove Ants Naturally and Effectively

If you begin to see their armies entering your home and crawling through cabinets and across countertops, it is time to take some action. There will even be times that your regular garden variety ants will become to numerous or venomous to be left alone.

The following article will contain some expert notes on ridding your house and yard of all ant infestations naturally and effectively.

How to Remove Ants from the Home

Play Pest Detective

You can swat and kill ants all day and they will just keep coming back. To win this seemingly pointless struggle you will need to play smart. Begin looking for the things that are attracting your ants menace into the home. Is there food fallen behind the fridge? Are they relocating their colony to a nice fissure under your walls? Or, maybe you are lucky enough to catch a small scouting party in your home looking for handouts?

Keep Clean

Whatever the reason for ants entering your home could be you must shut it down early. Dousing scouts in a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water will confuse their chemical signals and disorient the invasion. Keeping your home clean and food properly sealed and stored is another way to ensure ants will have no reason to move in. doubling up on cleaning and drying your home well when you first notice and ant invasion is a good way to put a stop very quickly. This includes making sure all garbage bins have a secure lid.

The Essential Ant Repellant

Ants have no problem sending scores of soldiers and foragers to their death in a cloud of pesticide if it means providing for queen and colony. What they really don’t like are strong smells that interfere with their communications and food processions. A good way to make an effective barrier is with a strong smelling essential oil like rosemary, peppermint or tea tree oils. A few drops in a cup of water is all you need. A very fragrant solution combines lavender and peppermint essential oils. Spray this anywhere you see ants invading and would like to keep them out.

Set Poison Traps

Boric acid is a potent poison to kill ants and can be mixed with some of their favorite foods and left to attract the ant scout. After setting these traps it is important to allow the ants to continue their work as they will be bringing the tainted food back to the colonies and killing them off from within.

How to Remove Ants from the Yard

If your home is suffering from an attack of fire ants in the backyard the situation it’s a little more difficult. Fire ants another menacing yard ants dig deep tunnel networks and getting to the queen can be a difficult task. Boric acid traps may be effective to some extent but if the situation has gotten serious and is affecting your kids or pets, you may need to call in the chemical response.

This often involves dousing the entire colony mound in a poisonous bath. Make sure you do some research on how to do this just right so you don’t have to repeat the work or call in professional help next week.