My Favourite E Liquids Collection


The great thing about vaping is there are thousands of juices to chose from, whether you like something sweet something tart, or something really spicy, I promise they have it.

A very large favorite among others, as well as myself, is Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny. Now I know what you may be thinking. “Mothers milk? That just sounds plain awful!” Coming from a person who’s favorite hobby is vaping I can definitely say Mothers Milk is my all time favorite. Mothers Milk is portrayed as savory, luscious, milky custard, with a sweetened and syrupy faint traces of strawberry. It actually is sometimes said that some compare it to Strawberry Nesquick, but much more tasty and delectable. For vapors that vape all day, I highly recommend Mothers Milk. It is a superior vape that you could go all day without getting tired of. With a lightly delicious, outstandingly sleek and silky in the mouth Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny is without a doubt the number one flavor to try for any vape enthusiast or beginner

Another popular flavor which is also another delectable favorite of mine as well, is Unicorn Blood by Fuzion Vapor. Unicorn Blood is great if you enjoy fruity and sweet flavors. Unicorns are known to be the greatest magical beings ever known to be created, even if they are not real. The blood of unicorns is reported to have unusual and enchanted powers. If you were to drink the blood of a unicorn I am almost positive that this juice is what it would taste like. It may not give you super powers but it will make your taste buds feel, well, magical! I feel like it has a taste like Hawaiian punch mixed with every flavor skittle. It has a very powerful cherry mixed with strawberry flavor, with a magnificent fruity taste that sticks around after you exhale. What I think that is great about Unicorns Blood is not only just the taste, but when you buy it, it is a very dark red color, looking exactly like how a Unicorns Blood should look!

Number 3 juice on my list is Milk and Honey by Cosmic Fog. Imagine the flavor like this, you’re 7 years old again getting ready for school in the morning. You pour yourself a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, but you get side tracked, You come back to your cereal and ear it all up and when you drink the milk you taste an incredible creamy honey taste in the milk. That is the exact replica of Milk and Honey vape juice, but better!

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